Frequently Asked Questions

Will compatible cartridges damage my printer?

No, all of our cartridges are manufactured to the same standards as originals, meaning they are basically the same shape, size and volume, and therefore work perfectly. Our manufacturer is ISO-9001 certified to maintain the quality of the cartridges they produce. As for the ink itself, its ink, it is unlikely to damage your printer.

Will using compatible cartridges void the warranty on my printer?

Maybe, it depends on the warranty provided by the manufacturer.  Every manufacturer has different terms in their warranty agreements, for example Brother's 3 year Turbo Warranty requires you to use genuine Brother cartridges to qualify.  A printer manufacturer cannot opt out of their obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, which means they must repair or replace a printer that suffers from a manufacturing defect.  

If our cartridges cause damage to your printer and the manufacturer refuses to provide cover under the warranty we will replace or repair your printer for you.   

My printer requires cartridges with a chip will yours work for me?

Yes, unlike other suppliers our cartridges that need chips come with them built in. There is no need for you to reuse or reset chips. Note: It is important that you do not touch the chip with your fingers when you install a cartridge as static electricity from your body may cause damage to the chip.

How come these cartridges are so cheap?

The question really is why are genuine cartridges so expensive? Printer companies are selling printers at next to cost price, expecting you to buy their cartridges for outrageous prices. A set of genuine cartridges often costs more than a printer. On top of this, the cartridges supplied with a new printer are usually low capacity cartridges just to get you started. It must be time you looked at cheaper alternatives.

Do these cartridges hold as much ink as genuine cartridges?

Yes, these cartridges are filled to the same level if not higher than genuine cartridges. On some models our manufacturer will “overfill” the cartridge so it contains more ink than the genuine cartridge. For some printers we also have available High Capacity cartridges which contain even more ink.

What do I do if compatible cartridges don’t work in my printer?

Providing you have the correct cartridges for your printer they should work. We have a detailed installation instructions available in the case that you do have problems. In most cases it is as simple as running a cleaning cycle on your printer. In a small number of cases you may encounter problems with the cartridges. Fortunately this is less than 1% of the cartridges that we sell and we will happily replace them (or refund in full if necessary).

Where do I enter my Coupon Code?

Select the cartridges you want and click "Add to Cart"

Then click on the "Shopping Cart" button at the top of the screen and click on "View Your Cart"

On the next page click in the circle next to "Use Coupon Code" - or click on the words "Use Coupon Code" This will open another box - click in the box then type in the coupon code and click "Apply Coupon" button Then continue with Checkout

You can also enter the Coupon Code on the Checkout page.  

How do I make a Bank Transfer?

You can transfer funds into our bank account using the order number or the name on the order as the reference and the details below.
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Our Guarantee

We do our best to ensure you are happy with your purchase and we will willingly replace cartridges or refund in full if required : ).