Printer Reset Code – PG40/CL41

Printer manufactures are constantly trying to find new ways to keep you using their branded cartridges. We hear about all sorts of warning messages or printers not accepting compatible cartridges. Thankfully there is usually a quick fix, most commonly all that is required is pressing “OK” to accept the warning and you can get back to your quality printing. Occasionally you may need to reset you printer. The reset process differs from printer to printer.  We were recently sent a link on how to reset a MP150/160/170 or 180 which takes PG40 CL41 cartridges.

  1. Turn off the Printer.
  2. Press and Hold the button Resume/Cancel then press POWER button.
  3. Release the Resume/Cancel button while keeping POWER button on press.
  4. Press Resume/Cancel 2 times and then release all the buttons.
  5. When the indicator recorded GREEN – click Resume/Cancel 4 times!
  6. Turn off and On the Canon Pixma MP Printer. And your done

We also found this page has a collection of reset codes and other tricks and tips for Canon printers that take PG 40 CL 41 cartridges. You may have to scroll through or search for your printer (CTRL + F) but there is a lot of good info on here.