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Installation Instructions

Here are some helpful tips to solve common problems when installing a new ink cartridge.

It is not possible to list every printer that the cartridge fits on the box and the compatible cartridges may look slightly different to the original cartridge.  Keeping this in mind, if you are unsure that you have the correct cartridge, please contact us with your printer model and we can confirm that you do have the correct cartridge.

1.  Keep your fingers away from the shiny metal chip as static from your fingers can damage the chip.

2. Remove any outer packaging, yellow tape and orange plastic caps from new ink cartridge.

3. Change the cartridge immediately, never leave your printer without a cartridge.  The ink thickens up if left exposed to the air.  An empty cartridge in your printer is better than no cartridge at all.

4.  Check ink cartridges are seated securely in place, press firmly.

5.   If you receive an error message “cartridge is incompatible or cannot be recognised” the most common problems is static build up in the chip.

Take the cartridge out of the printer and rub the chip with a pencil rubber to remove the static.  Reinstall again and ensure the contact points on the cartridge and on the print head are aligned.

If this does not work then try installing the cartridge with the PC switched off, then once the cartridge is installed simply switch the PC back on.

If the message still reappears, turn the printer off (physically unplug it for 3-5 minutes – do not just switch off) and then back on again. You may then get the warning asking if you want to continue using a non-original cartridge. Click Yes and carry on with the normal printing procedure.

These solutions solve over 95% of all reported problems.

6.  If printer prints unusual colours after installing a new cartridge, check that there are no empty cartridges and then run a deep clean cycle.  This will clean out any dried or thickened ink.

If your printer has not been used for some time you may have to repeat this procedure more than once and it is a good idea to leave the ink cartridge in the printer overnight with the printer turned off.  The next day, run the cleaning process again. The dried ink will soften, making it easier for the printer to clean.

7. If your cartridge is not printing or printing poorly,  it is posisble that you have an air bubble in the exit tube of your cartridge. Remember that the absence of ink is the same as an air bubble. This usually occurs after printing 1 or 2 good pages (What is happening is that a small air bubble expands under the vacuum of printing to form a large air bubble, which blocks the flow of ink to the print head).   You can confirm that this is the problem if the print head cleaning routine actually makes the problem worse.

To solve this problem you need to let the printer sit without printing for several minutes, while tapping on the top of the cartridge. This may get the air bubble to move to the top of the cartridge, but it may not.  If it does not, remove the cartridge and try again.

8.  If you have replaced more than one cartridge, try installing the old cartridges again and then install the new cartridges one at a time to identify which cartridge is causing the problem.

9.  If you have any further trouble after following these steps, please contact us and we will replace any faulty cartridges as soon as possible.

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