"The best day of my life is when I receive ink from jeff. Ink is more expensive than oil and jeff has solved the problem."

" Excellent and appreciated service Jeff. Both cartridges arrived in Pristine condition. I have replaced all cartridges in our HP printer and pleased with quality of print. A satisfied customer, we will be back."

" Yes Jeff….the inks arrived on time thank you. I am a retired professional photographer and I can tell you that your product is as good in all respects as any 'branded' Epson-Canon and the like...inks."

" It is wonderful to see such a high level of customer support and professionalism - it's a rare thing these days! Obviously the testimonials are true."

" Thank you so much for the cartridge which arrived this morning & for the amazing service. I was really impressed with both the advice & service you gave me & will happily continue to buy my ink from you & recommend you to others."

" Subject: Legend Message Body: I think you guys are fantastic and I recommend you to everyone!! Keep up the great work and brilliant prices!"

" Thank you for your amazing offer and customer service very rare these days you normally have to battle to get anything back !!!!"

" My son gave me a couple of half used Epson 73's when he bought a new printer and the colour was so disappointing, I threw them out and replaced with yours!! I've attached a few pics for you to see the brilliance of your colour."

" Jeff, Thank you and most appreciated. Will pass on recommendation to all and sundry even maybe to Cartridge World who charged me $70 for refills. Will not be bothering with them in the future."

" Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. It only took two days. I have ordered from you before and I am most impressed. You deliver the kind of customer service, sadly lacking in a lot of other business's."

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"2 thumbs up" "Unreal super service, well recommended"

"These are the best cartridges, the last lot I had to muck around re-applying the chip. But not these! just put them in and go, I will definitely be buying mine from Jeff from now on."

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"Absolutely superb person to deal with. Very obliging. I would certainly buy again. Highly recommend to all."

"A brilliant sale - a small hitch was instantly sorted out. Fully recommend. A+++"

"Delivered right when I needed them. Works like a charm and saved me valuable dollars. Definitely a worthwhile trade! Cheers Jeff!"


HP OfficeJet, PSC and Other Printers

Looking for HP DESKJET  or  HP PHOTOSMART printers

Officejet 1200HP 56PSC 1100HP 56 Copier 180HP 45
Officejet 1315HP 56PSC 1110HP 56 Copier 190HP 45
Officejet 2110HP 56PSC 1200HP 56 Copier 280HP 45
Officejet 4105HP 56PSC 1205HP 56 Copier 290HP 45
Officejet 4110HP 56PSC 1209HP 56Copier 410HP 56
Officejet 4115HP 56PSC 1210HP 27 Fax 1220HP 45
Officejet 4200HP 56PSC 1210HP 56Fax 1240HP 56
Officejet 4215HP 56PSC 1213HP 56FAX 1250HP 21
Officejet 4219HP 56PSC 1215HP 56 Envy 4500HP 61
Officejet 4251HP 56PSC 1217HP 56    
Officejet 4252HP 56PSC 1219HP 56    
Officejet 4255HP 56PSC 1300HP 56    
Officejet 4259HP 56PSC 1310HP 56    
Officejet 4315HP 21PSC 1311HP 56    
Officejet 4355HP 21PSC 1312HP 56    
Officejet 4500HP 901PSC 1315HP 56    
Officejet 4620HP 564XLPSC 1315HP 27    
Officejet 5500HP 56PSC 1317HP 56    
Officejet 5505HP 56PSC 1318HP 56    
Officejet 5508HP 56PSC 1340HP 56    
Officejet 5510HP 56PSC 1345HP 56    
Officejet 5515HP 56PSC 1350HP 56    
Officejet 5600HP 56PSC 1355HP 56    
Officejet 5610HP 56PSC 1400HP 21    
Officejet 5615HP 56PSC 1410HP 21    
Officejet 6000HP 920XLPSC 1415HP 21    
Officejet 6000HP 920XLPSC 1417HP 21    
Officejet 6100HP 932PSC 1507HP 94    
Officejet 6110HP 56PSC 1508HP 94    
Officejet 6127HP 56PSC 1510HP 94    
Officejet 6200HP 94PSC 1600HP 94    
Officejet 6210HP 94PSC 1610HP 94    
Officejet 6310HP 98PSC 2100HP 56    
Officejet 6500HP 920XLPSC 2105HP 56    
Officejet 6600HP 932PSC 2108HP 56    
Officejet 6612HP 56PSC 2110HP 56    
Officejet 6700HP 932PSC 2115HP 56    
Officejet 7000HP 920XLPSC 2170HP 56    
Officejet 7210HP 94PSC 2171HP 56    
Officejet 7310HP 94PSC 2175HP 56    
Officejet 7410HP 94PSC 2200HP 56    
Officejet 7500HP 920XLPSC 2210HP 56    
Officejet 7610HP 932PSC 2310HP 56    
Officejet 8000HP 940XLPSC 2350HP 94    
Officejet 8500HP 940XLPSC 2355HP 94    
Officejet 8600HP 950PSC 2405HP 56    
Officejet 8610HP 950PSC 2410HP 56    
Officejet 8620HP 950PSC 2420HP 56    
Officejet A809HP 940XLPSC 2500HP 56    
Officejet A909HP 940XLPSC 2510HP 56    
Officejet G55HP 45PSC 2610HP 94    
Officejet G85HP 45PSC 3110HP 02    
Officejet G95HP 45PSC 3310HP 02    
Officejet J3600HP 21PSC 8150HP 94    
Officejet J3640HP 21PSC 8450HP 94    
Officejet J3650HP 21PSC 1402HP 21    
Officejet J3680HP 21PSC-1507HP 94    
Officejet J4580HP 901PSC-1508HP 94    
Officejet J4640HP 901PSC-1510HP 94    
Officejet J4680HP 901PSC-1600HP 94    
Officejet J5780HP 74XLPSC-1610HP 94    
Officejet J5785HP 74XLPSC-2350HP 94    
Officejet J5790HP 74XLPSC-2355HP 94    
Officejet J6400HP 74XLPSC-2610HP 94    
Officejet J6413HP 74XLPSC-8150HP 94    
Officejet J6450HP 74XLPSC-8450HP 94    
Officejet K60HP 45        
Officejet K80HP 45        
Officejet Pro 8100HP 950        
Officejet Pro 8600HP 950        


Looking for HP DESKJET   or  HP PHOTOSMART printers

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