Ink Spill on Carpet

When handling ink cartridges you always run the risk of getting ink somewhere other than in your printer. Whether its when your removing old cartridges or opening new ones you should always be careful, but mistakes do happen. So what do you do if get ink on your carpet? The sooner you remove the stain, the better your results will be.
Wet the corner of a clean cloth or paper towel with a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Dab the stain, starting at the edge and working towards the middle. Do Not rub or scrub the stain as this will make things worse. Continue lighting dabbing the stain, using a fresh area of damp cloth as you go. If the stain is quite dry you may need to wet it with a tiny drop of fluid and let sit for a few minutes.
Remember, DO NOT RUB or SCRUB and only use a little fluid as too much will incresae the size of the stain.
Once all signs of ink are gone you can give the area a wipe with a sponge and a mix of water and a little vinegar (About 16:1) to remove any alcohol that may leave the carpet a little dry.